Strawberry Tequila Sunrise #cocktail #summerdrink

Strawberry Tequila Sunrise #cocktail #summerdrink

Tequila dawn is one of those great mixed drinks (alongside screwdrivers, Midori sours, Long Island frosted teas) and that I just drank amid my initial school years. This was before I realized that you could make your own harsh blend by just joining new pressed lime juice, lemon squeeze, and sugar.

Tequila dawn at most bars are basically below average. There is generally such a great amount of sweetness from the squeezed orange and grenadine that any tequila season is lost.

By utilizing new pressed squeezed orange and strawberry puree, you can hoist the standard tequila dawn into a commendable Sunday informal breakfast make mixed drink. Good wishes!

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Strawberry Tequila Sunrise #cocktail #summerdrink

Strawberry Tequila Sunrise: this spring version of tequila sunrise replaces the traditional grenadine syrup with fresh strawberry puree.


  • 1 oz strawberry puree
  • 3 oz orange juice
  • 1 1/2 oz tequila


  1. Add strawberry puree to a tall serving glass. Fill with ice. Add orange juice and top with tequila. Stir before serving.

For more detail :

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