Flower Pretzel Bites #springdessert #sweettreat

Flower Pretzel Bites #springdessert #sweettreat

These Spring Flower Pretzel Bites turned out so delightfully and are ideal for Easter, Mother's Day, Baby Showers, Birthdays, or only an irregular Sunday. They are the ideal sweet and salty nibble.

For the pretzels, we utilized minimal square "snaps" since we think they hold the liquefied chocolate with less trickling yet you could make Mini Pretzels work as well. On a paper plate orchestrate 8 or 9 pretzels. Spot a sweet dissolve in the focal point of the pretzel. At that point place the plate of pretzels in the microwave and warmth them until the treat dissolves are toward the starting phase of being softened – they ought to be delicate to the touch and sufficiently liquefied to press a M&M down into it yet not all that melty that the sweet is running off the pretzel.

These Spring Flower Pretzel Bites are extremely yummy. The difference between the crunchy and salty pretzel, the sweet white chocolate treat soften and the crunchy chocolately integrity of the M&M's is just flawlessness!

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Flower Pretzel Bites #springdessert #sweettreat

These Spring Flower Pretzel Bites are sweet, salty, crunchy and delicious – an easy and fun treat for Easter, Spring and Mother’s Day.

  • Hanover Pretzel Snaps
  • Wilton Candy Melts – Bright White
  • Easter M&M Candies

  1. Arrange 8 to 9 Pretzel Snaps on a paper plate.
  2. Place a candy melt in the center of each pretzel.

For more detail :

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